A perfectionist with a burning passion for all of his collections, Beno is the sole designer for both Benno and Benno La Mode label.

As a self-taught fashion designer, Beno is actively involved in the selection of colors, accessories and fabrics for each and every piece of his collections. His innate sense of style and creativity is expressed in each season’s collections. During the Singapore Fashion Week 2005, Beno’s Spring/Summer 2006 collection left a deep memory on many overseas buyers, press and media. Beno was also invited to license his label to Vantage - a design Inc corporation in New York.  

The "BENNO La Mode" collection is a fun-filled collection with an intricate combination of fabrics. The ³BENNO² Collection caters to varied occasions – from office, to high-tea, to a night out in town. Each collection complements with Beno’s hand-made accessories such as belts, necklaces and earrings to achieve the perfect look. Also available are impressive made-to-order haute couture pieces that are distinctly ³BENNO² in quality and design.