Whether you’re an empress, a royal queen or a beauty queen, what better way to carry your crown? By slipping it into a handbag made for that purpose, of course. The Cool Box is conceived for crowned heads of all sorts—whether you’re the crowned in diamonds, laurel, or orange blossoms type. The Cool Box is a beautiful and surprising bag, combining lightness, functionality, and elegance. Beautiful, because its parallelepipedal shape (e.g. a box, what else!) is created by folding over a single piece of leather chosen for its infinitely supple quality and impeccable resilience. Surprising, because it opens (and closes) with a single gesture: the wide band of leather — with its silver or golden metal « D » — lifts up to reveal a zipper.

The Cool Box comes in a variety of vibrant colours — Paprika and Turquoise, Safran and Ebène, Nakuru and Ivory.